Trekkers Making Change

Amazonas Explorer, a tour operator leading treks, was the first ever 1% for the Planet business member from Peru. Since joining in 2007, Amazonas Explorer has planted over 1 million trees in partnership with environmental nonprofit members Ecoan and Green Our Planet. The company offsets their carbon emissions while also advocating for people to reduce emissions in the first place before offsetting. They are also a member of Travelers Against Plastic, encouraging travelers to reject single-use plastics during their trip. 

Amazonas Explorer prioritizes their employees by providing comfortable lodging arrangements, fair wages, and career progression opportunities. The company also takes care to take travelers off of the most popular paths, and supply them with reusable items for carrying food and water. Not only does Amazonas Explorer take the time to minimize their own impact, but they are taking the opportunity to educate others on how to do the same. This way, when travelers go home, they will continue to make positive change and spread their knowledge to others.

Photos by Amazonas Explorer

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