Today, there are only an estimated *24* super tusk elephants still roaming the Earth. 1% for the Planet nonprofit member Tsavo Trust, alongside The Kenya Wildlife Service protects the super tuskers around the clock through flight surveillance, on the ground anti-poaching teams, education, community engagement, and research. 

Tsavo Trust’s 2018 impact includes:

  • 42 arrests, 9 ivory related
  • 23 poacher camps destroyed
  • 841 traps & snares recovered
  • 863 hours flown on patrol
  • 62,921 miles patrolled

Due to the pandemic this year, Tsavo Trust has had to cut operating capacity by 40%. To help bridge the gap, the nonprofit teamed up with 1% for the Planet business member Drew Doggett Photography, to gather donations. The campaign is running with the hashtag #SavetheSuperTuskers, and participants are encouraged to help by making donations and sharing this image of Craig, the largest living tusked elephant left on Earth.

Photo by Drew Doggett

To join the mission and get to know the elephants in need, check out the donation page: https://www.givengain.com/ap/drew-doggett-raising-funds-for-tsavo-trust/#timeline

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