Reducing Food Impact in the Swiss Alps

As part of their 1% for the Planet commitment, FW Apparel supports Protect Our Winters Switzerland. Last winter, the partners took to the Swiss Alps to kick off the Food Trails Project, a project raising awareness about the environmental impact of food. 

A Weekend of Splitboarding, Touring, and Low Impact Food

POW Switzerland ambassadors (pro-snowboarders & skiers) and the FW apparel team gathered for a weekend at Maighels Hut to support the mission and appear in a short film presenting the project. POW Switzerland are working with Swiss Alpine Huts such as Maighels to encourage them to include locally sourced, organic and vegetarian food on their menus, which have historically featured meat based, environmentally impactful foods. To do this, the team carried in nutritious, local and vegetarian food for all 80 hut guests, lowering the impact of food transport (usually by helicopter) and also the food itself. 

Food Trails, a Film with a Mission

The project was captured in a short film, which was circulated on film tours and online, featuring breathtaking footage of the Swiss Alps:

All Photos by FW Apparel

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