OXO + OzHarvest: a Partnership Saving Food from the Landfill

1% for the Planet member OXO is dedicated to funding nonprofits working to empower communities around food. As part of their 1% commitment, OXO is partnering with OzHarvest to support their efforts in combating food waste and hunger.


Photo by OzHarvest

OzHarvest is a leading food rescue operation feeding people in need across Australia. OzHarvest is nourishing communities through food rescue, education, community engagement and innovation to combat food waste and hunger. The nonprofit advocates against food waste, and strives to communicate food’s value to save it from the landfill.

The Partnership

OXO and OzHarvest are partnering to support a growing number of people suffering from food insecurity, while preventing excess food from going to landfill where it will decompose and release greenhouse gasses.

Together, they aim to:

  • Deploy 2 food rescue trucks
  • Divert 200,000 pounds of food from landfills
  • Provide 280,000 meals 
  • Prevent 400,000 pounds of greenhouse emissions

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