OXO becomes a 1% for the Planet Business Member

Photo by OXO

For 30 years, OXO has made quality products designed to make life better at home. Now, they are also committing to give back to the planet, our shared home. As a global brand, OXO feels the call to take action and address the pressing issues our Earth is facing. Through 1% for the Planet, the brand is dedicating 1% of their annual sales to organizations in three key areas: 

  1. Sustainable Food Systems
  2. Cleaner Air, Land and Water
  3. Environmental Education

As part of their 1% commitment, OXO is supporting Big Green, Rodale Institute, the Trust for Public Land, Soul Fire Farm and OzHarvest as their initial partners. These partnerships will address their core areas of focus, as well as empower incredible strides in making the Earth a better place for everyone. In addition to their 1%, OXO has also committed to looking inward and investigating all aspects of business to create environmentally responsible solutions.

“OXO’s commitment to make every day better makes them a great addition to our global movement. We’re poised to do great things, together.”

Kate Williams, CEO, 1% for the Planet

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