Kayaking for Clean Energy

Kayak Adventures Worldwide brings people to Seward, Alaska to kayak and experience the abundant nature in the area. The company puts the planet first in their business model by prioritizing conservation and education over profit. To do this, they offer the option for visitors to offset the carbon footprint of their trip, continue to improve trips with sustainability in mind, and partner with Alaskan nonprofits focused on environmental action. When a visitor books a trip, they are able to select which nonprofit their contribution will go toward, inspiring guests to take a deeper look into missions making a difference.

One of these nonprofits, the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, is focused on bringing clean energy to Alaska and empowering local people to fight for renewable energy in their communities. The Renewable Energy Alaska Project and Kayak Adventures Worldwide are working together to make this mission as impactful as it can be. Shared values for imagination, expertise, and lifting up the Alaskan community make this an incredibly effective and inspiring partnership.

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