Empowering Youth in Jackson, Wyoming

Photo by Sophia Jaramillo

As part of their 1% for the Planet commitment, Faction Skis is partnering with Coombs Outdoors to provide youth access to ski slopes and mountains in Jackson, Wyoming. As a hotspot for wealthy travelers, Jackson itself, as well as the equipment needed to ski and ride, is not accessible for everyone. Coombs Outdoors exists to flip the script, and make outdoor recreation in Jackson accessible to all families. 

Programming with a Purpose

Coombs Outdoors offers year-round programming for youth ranging from Kindergarten to highschool. Programming grows with the kids, starting from basic instruction and introduction of outdoor activities, and moving into leadership and career exploration. 

“At every stage, the outdoors remains at the center of Coombs Outdoors’ work, whether it’s a hike with a Forest Ranger, a ropes course with a mentoring cohort, or an internship working at Jackson’s in-town ski area, Snow King Mountain Resort. The goal of Coombs Outdoors is not to create world-class skiers or rock climbers, but to develop “world-class people” to embrace the future with confidence.”

Coombs Outdoors

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