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We can
do more.

It’s time to be part of something bigger. Rising global temperatures and intensifying natural disasters are defining the signs of our time. But, every day we have a choice. And, every day we can all do a little bit more—to make a world of difference.

Right now, you can be a part of what’s becoming the most impactful environmental community on the globe.

take action.

Solving the environmental crisis won’t be easy. But starting here, now, together—makes it possible.

Action and impact are at the core of 1% for the Planet. Our movement of businesses, individuals and environmental nonprofits know that the only way to turn this all around is to do something about it.

Because we believe we can—and must be an unstoppable force for change.

be better.

Every single day, we can lend our voices and actions to make a difference—so that our planet and future generations thrive.

Our network of socially responsible businesses, motivated individuals and environmental nonprofits are living proof that collective action works. And that collective action live at the heart of the call to Be 1% Better: when we all give just a little bit more, we can make an enormous impact.

Collective action lives at the heart of the call to Be 1% Better: when we all give just a little bit, we can make an enormous impact.

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